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There are diverse colors to choose from but you might want to try the white coloring. Cork is not a saint and therefore, it has its brighter as well as darker side. Even so, there are some expectations that are utterly absurd and you should erase them from your mind.

However, white cork flooring gives a home an extremely attractive appearance and an elevated degree of cleanliness. This is because it is pretty easy to spot dirt on white surface as compared to any other color. What is more, using it convinces your associates of your high level of cleanliness. If it agrees with your taste and individual expectation, you should be confident about it. You will be interested to know that it is one of the simplest surfaces to clean and as long as you are careful, your house will never be messy.

Impractical expectations

Some individuals have extreme expectations of the cork flooring that Service Kompor Gas Batam  they tend to raise unrealistic complaints. For example, some people lament of the dents that they notice on the surface over time and even talk of it leaving a finger nail indentation when finishing. This is totally weird considering that the finger nail is such a small part of the body with so little pressure that it cannot damage the surface.

On the other hand, some unusual clients talk about the cork discoloring and the surface beneath it developing another color. You will want to know that every time you completely cover a surface, you hinder it from breathing. As a result, it tends to get a different color. This is manifest in traditional carpets and with time, the surfaces restore their original colors. Another weird complaint is the surface wearing out after more than at least 7 years of use! These complaints about cork floors are common but they are expected. They are no different from the faults found on traditional wood surfaces! Hence, if you do not mind about them you can proceed to get the surface installed.

The bright side of cork flooring

It is interesting to know about cork flooring pros and cons. This gives you the rare advantage of knowing what you are getting into in time. Among the key pros of this product is its eco-friendliness. It is warm enough to your feet and body yet it does not “off-gass”. Along with being eco-friendly in that it relies on natural material it minimizes noise. There is no minimal trace of echo on the surfaces and it is undoubtedly soft. In addition, it may fade with time especially when exposed to sunlight but it will not lose its wood appearance! Although cork will dimple, it will not get damaged. Interestingly, it can compress and restore its original position.

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